Thursday, 14 April 2011

Target Free Food Distribution "Can We Feed Our People Forever "

Human resource is the real capital of a country ,poor are not a liability but an asset ,they help in the production of good and services .On contrary must ensure that there people get enough food to eat ,the level of per head serial supply and consumption in India by 2007 174kg fell below the 182kg recorded by the least developed countries and vast conderable below the 196 level of Africa.
By 2008 the consumption of cereals fell to 156 kg due to large export and stock ,Cereal account for 9/10 of food grains which provide 3 quarter of both energy intake and protein intake for the average consumer.
Our politicians can't see that million of food grains are rotting in open air ,they would rather let food grains rot then feed the poor .
John Maynard Keynes remarked that the world is moved by little else but Ideas .
our policymaker still not understand that if every person saves more our nation save less, they are behaving like housewives ,cutting back spending to balance the budget ,even though they have to deal with rampant unemployment ..
incorrect idea here is that,,our cereal consumption is not falling ,when a country developed ,its purchasing power increase ,people change their food habit ,from inferior food to superior food,for example ,meat ,milk,egg so on. 
when a average income rise of a person ,their diet becomes more diversified to superior food.
higher the average income of a country ,the higher is it cereal consumption .U.S consumed 900kg per head of cereal in 2007.of which three fifth is used as feed for animals.
why has indias average consumption declined to such a low level despite rising average income,since india and china have seen high growth rates ,,due to depression in agriculture ,,and still not come out of it ...rise on unemployment 
only small section of population is enjoying the fruits of development ,,and rest of is going to black hole .
NSS data shows that ,except 2 states ,there is a fall in animal product intake ,people other than rich are not diversifying diets, they can not eat animal products for balancing there nutrition .
a huge quantity of food grain either exported or stocked . this reduce the supply of cereal for domestic consumption . 

what we can do is ,,bold measures are required to deal this, MGNREGS should be seriously implemented .spread to urban areas ,,
build storage facilities for food grain. rather than rotting in open .
there should be target free food distribution through PDS.
by correcting our  incorrect ideas we can feed our people for ever.. 

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