Friday, 15 April 2011

" India A Land Of 4 P's "

In india millions of people living in poverty ,india is a 5th most powerful nation in the world,when it comes to know that millions of people living below the poverty line in this country ,india can grow at more then 11% GDP per annum to truly transform the employment and poverty scenario ,with the advancement of technology and development we are able to manufacture low price product and services ,this shows positive impact in international scenario ,India make an a Ace in IT & Service sector ,Indian talent is renowned all over the world ,weather its a filed of Medicine ,Biotech ,Space research and others .
In Defense sector we are capable to manufacture our own needs , we are able to manufacture Aircraft, Tejas which is first indigenously built aircraft .indian international  peace keeping force is famous through out the wolrd to bring peace in conflicted areas .
 By removing the social evils of our society like poverty ,unemployment , infanticide etc, we can bring our land on path of prosperity ,we have to focus on rural infrastructure ,by making better roads ,which are connected to metro cities .
Women empowerment at grass root level ,self self help group of womens help in the emancipation of their status.
There should be greater participation on small scale industries ,in todays world India is a land of 4 P's
Power , Peace ,Prosperity and Poverty .

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