Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"LDC" New Block On Rise

India is going to host least developed countries ministrial conference (LDC),united nations created this block in 1971 there are 48 LDC of these 33 are in Africa ,14 in Asia pacific and 1 in central America .
India is surrounded by five least developed countries , these are Bangladesh ,Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan ,Myanmar Nepal .
Only three LDCs are able to come out from this categories they are Botswana Capeverde and Maldives .

LDCs contribute to only 1 % of global trade LDCs appreciates the India initiative in policy approach ,they are claiming now for a new international support architecture .
Extensive partnership with least developed countries will bring a good relation in socio-economic and political spheres,the least developed countries will help India in the race of permanent seat in United Nations
We hope our ambitious goal that is to reduce the number of LDCs can be achieved by 2020 .  

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