Monday, 4 April 2011

Development in Health Research

In India very less amount of money is spent on research and development .
Leading chronic non communicable & communicable diseases are on rise.Health research is one of the most important area to fight from new generation diseases.

 Publication Of health research journals are very low in numbers, no development is taking place in health research reports,  many reports are outdated and does not show us about the new millennium diseases which are engulfing our world in a silent manner .

These health research reports are published in bulk , major thing lacking in these report is quality.

Major portion of our national income is not spend on research & development that is why we are lagging in this sphere.We can overcome from these loopholes by better organised of our health structure and research policies.

Nation Health Research Policy come in 2007 after the creation of health research department.

 NHRP important areas of work :- 
  • Rationalisation of policies and program for the betterment of vulnerable  section of our society.
  • Making health research plans.
  • Transparency in decision making.
  • Multidisciplinary Research which include cooperation between physical,social and medical science.
Coordination in Knowledge 

There should be good coordination between different institution of our society sharing of knowledge between private and public sector bring worth in health research development , a major development in this area can transform our health policy. This force bring overall development in our country.

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  1. "Health for All" has all along remained a mere slogan all these years .If this slogan has to become a reality,the government and the community have to work in unison on different fronts.Healthcare should be accessible to all irrespective of the socio-economic status.Elimination of poverty and ignorance will go a long way in providing healthcare for all.Every citizen must enjoy the right to health.