Monday, 11 April 2011

" Labour Condition In Nuclear Plant "

Those who are working in Nuclear Plant are all doing worlds deadliest jobs ,they risk their lives for the safety of society.Recent incident at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant open the eyes of IAEA.
Now think new health and safety measures at nuclear reactor,many MNC's are becoming part of nuclear industries for example nuclear industry of Japan is operated by Toshiba and Hitachi .
These companies hire contractors for labor recruitment ,The labour force comes from remote part of the city ,some of them are already working but they work at nuclear plant to earn more money.

Labourers are working in dangerous situation anything can happen any time ,those who are working in the Nuclear plants are risk there lives more then to others,
Violation of  Human and Labour rights in nuclear industry, Health and safety condition are denied to them on one or other pretext .they are regulated by their contractors who are engulfing their human and labour rights,
These Contractors and MNC's are responsible for the deterioted condition of the workers in nuclear plant .

If  we see in a hierarchal order ,those who are  sitting at the top earn more salary, wages and safer than those who are working in the Nuclear plants .

Health Problem- They never tell about there injuries to their employers because of losing their job,it means there is no job security .they are effected by different form of cancer ,many experience health related problems like burning of eyes ,breathing problem .
Radiation exposure is one of the biggest problem to them ,radioactive elements is found in food and water.
Three mile Island ,Chernobyl disaster and Fukushima Daiichi tell us about the radiation Exposure .
In The recent incident in Fukushima Daiichi one thing was not destroyed "Spirit of Workers" who are working in plant  can be called new form of  "Samurai " .
The recent incident of nuclear disaster in Japan gives a signal to those countries who does not update their safety norms
New reform should be needed in improving the working condition of worker who are working in nuclear plant ,by reforming health and safety measures at work we can provide them a safe job.

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