Saturday, 2 April 2011

No food grain growing faster than grain

Indian agriculture should be seen as a rural urban continuation . Urbanization and structural change in the labor force is taking place at a faster pace. No food grain growing faster than grain and no crop based agriculture like animal husbandry growing more.Factors that influence the demand of goods are.
1 population
2 income and its distribution .
3 purchasing power parity
4price of other goods and services
5 personnel preference .
GDP growth in 97/03 is technology oriented ..
there is increase in  the demand of  non agricultural good because there is low demand of cereals and other grains.
The urbanization pattern in India  is decentralized. the ratio of urban settlement in smaller town class 1 are not increasing .as  we know that the urbanization the out come of both centrifugal and centripetal forces .
India is urbanized more than what it says and its non farm employment growth is globally comparable.
In coming year Indian agriculture meet the required food security and rapidly transform itself.
A new phase of Indian agricultural in process....
With the development of markets and shifting of working population from villages to city  and from crop production to value added activities..This will lead to higher employment opportunities . In the end lead our country to great heights economic  developments

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