Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Children In Coal Mines"

A large no of  Children's are working in mines in Jharkhand (Hazaribagh) ,these illegal  mines are just like a rat hole , by just mear slip of the foot u will die.

The Social Impact  - These children started to work early in the morning and they came out when there is dark ,they usually work more then 12 Hour,then they drink and gamble instead of playing sports and studying.
There right to education is compensated in coal mines.

Physical Fatalities -   Deaths are very frequent incident in coal mines , children's suffer from deadly diseases and respiratory problem is common among them .
these child workers are come Mostly from Bengal , Bihar , Chattisgarh .they are unable to reach the primary health centers 

Molestation of young Girls - Many young girls are sexually exploited by their employers and also forced into human trafficking .

 We can hope that the Government should do something for these children and give their Fundamental rights to them .

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