Friday, 15 April 2011

"Help Farmers Help Your Self "

 New Challenges are coming to Indian agricultural industry ,the facts are terrifying between 1980 to 1997 ,3.2% ,but since 1997 has average 1.5% .
Among Indian farmer 40%wants to quit agricultural practices this needs to decline GDP from 56% in 1950-51 to 18.6% in 2006-7,  2/3 of population is depends on agriculture ,agricultural Labour increase to 106 million ,our politician and bureaucratic think that agriculture is rescued by high value flouriculture and horticulture .
Hybrid seeds are putting great pressure on farmers,the farmers are trapped between new and old technology .
Increasing use of fertilizers and pesticide damage the soil quality ,so it makes the farmers knowledge redundant.
Central Govt policy has even cause harm ,there is a decline of public investment in agricultural research development and infrastructure  .
Indian is once again is a food importer and its hungry population are getting more hungrier ,average daily consumption of calorie fell from 1830 cal per person in 1980 to 1600 in 1998 .this group spent 70 % of income on food .
The intake of calories is declining among the poorest , in 2000 OECD Counties paid agricultural subsidies about 363 billion Dollars before the bush Admin awarded 180 billion in subsidies to agribusiness corporation ,
on contrary India provide 1 Billion in subsidies to 550 million farmers in 2001 ,and obliged by the world bank and the IMF to eliminate this .
Colonial government introduce transport system and encourage farmers to grow cash crops ,this leads to shrink the area of food grain production.
About 60% of Indian population are relaid on agriculture for livelihood  ,agriculture contribute hardly to 3% to GDP,this shows a greater impact on life of Indian farmer,they do not have seeds to sow ,food to eat ,cloths to wear and lives under the blue sky and their life becomes full of blues ,It is the land of largest number of poor and malnourished people in world .
 I do not know ,that we can make the UN MDG reducing Hunger and Poverty by Half by 2015.
Corruption is so much rampant in agriculture industry that funds which are given for agricultural development is used by politicians and bureaucrats for their development .
By Helping farmers we are helping ourself ,in return they provide food for us .For improving the agricultural areas we have to identify the effected areas a]where monsoon shows their adverse effects on crop ,animal and food .
There should be a pond to store rain water .where there is good moisture of soil we can take steps to increase the productivity and net sown are by using fertilizers and new technology ,There should be a seed bank in every village,members of panchayat should be trained in arts science of managing agricultural practices and they should also trained in disaster relief measures ,food grain capacity should be millions of tons 
One day we shall overcome from these challenges .

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