Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Right To Live In A Corruption Free State Is Our Fundamental Right "

First brick for the lokpal institution was laid by administrative reform commission which was headed by morarji desai in 1966,they recommended for setting up two institution "lokpal and lokayukta".
They are replica of institution of Scandinavian countries . 
We adapted the model of new zealand,that is parliamentary commissioner for investigation where judiciary is kept out from it .
First attempt to bring this bill was initiated by the congress in may 1968 ,headed by Indira Gandhi .till now eight attempts have been made to pass this bill  but every time the bill was lapsed either due to the dissolution of lok sabha or withdrawal by the government .
The Character of these institution is changed on every new bill,here we can see the greediness of our politicians,i think they does not want a corruption free state .but we the people of india shall have it .what we need is that these institutions should be totally unbiased just like other fundamental rights ,Right to Live in curruption free state   is our fundamental right .
It Confers the duty on state to make a corrupt free state .

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