Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bangladesh finally on the way to secularism.

Bangladesh finally on the way to secularism. Two recent landmark verdict delivered by the supreme court declaring the controversial fifth and eighth amendement brought in by military ruler general ziaur rahman and general hussain muhammad ershad ,unconstitutional and void have brightened the scope for a meaningful change .Decalaring military rule unconstitutional ,the court restored the four basic principle -democracy ,nationalism ,socialism and secularism
amendment made by the first military regime led by gen ziaur rahman destroyed its secular character and allowed political based on religion ,and provide political rights to anti libration war
forces ,even the war criminal. In 1982 gen. Ershad made islam the state religion .this gross deviation from the original constitution radically altered the political landscape,help in the rise of religion based politics.

In the recent supreme court judement, has paved the way for preventing a military takeover in future and restored the secular spirit of the orginal constitution ,islam however shall remain state religion as it was not covered by the judgment .
The orginal constitution adopted on december ,16 1972 endorsed nationalism ,socialsim ,democarcy and secularism as basic state principles.

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