Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"Think A Home Without Toilet".

To eliminate the biotic pressure from the forest ,Baiga tribe was relocated at new jalda , one of the six Baiga villages relocated from Achanakmar tiger reserve in chattisgarh .
Forest department built concrete houses for them ,But without Toilets.
Hemant Pandey Divisional Forest Offficer at bilaspur says , toilet will go waste its better to give them cash . In That sense we can say that forest department are encouraging open defecation .if they are talking about there health & safeguard then why they are not making proper Toilets for them."Think A House Without Toilet". what more we can expect .We Have to Bring a nationwide campaign on sanitation facilities ,to bring change in the mindset of people .
Now the Question is why forest department is giving low priority to Toilets?
When Govt Department are building houses without Toilets,Then how can we think ,that every people can get access to clean drinking water & sanitation facilities

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