Wednesday, 25 July 2012

RTE Still Far For Children Of Weaker Section & Minorities

In spite to Right To Education(RTE) act weaker section & minorities continue to be at disadvantage .
Latest DISE (District Information School Education ) figures suggest that the number of children enrolled in Govt.. primary school has dropped by 21 Lakh between 2009-2010 & 2010-2011 .

While there has been an increase of 11 Lakh in enrolment in private school .

DISE shows that while enrolment of students belonging to the SC has been stagnant ,the enrolment of student from ST declined from 11 % last year to 10 % in 2010-2011 ,and that of other backward clases from 42% to 40% .

There is decline in enrolment of Muslim children from 13.02 % to 12.50% in 2010-2011 over 2009-2010.

That means the benefit of RTE are not reaching to the weaker section and minorities , the number of schools with common functional toilets has come down from 66.84% to 43.21% of primary school and 62.81% to 45.21% of all schools .

Un electrified schools and schools without playgrounds has also declined over the period .

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