Wednesday, 11 January 2012

"Save Jarawa Save The Mankind"

" In response to the article published on the date : 23rd June 2011 Link to the Old Article :- "

Modern man killing the progeny of first human man. Recent incident of naked jarawas shocked the world. Jarawas are made to dance in front of tourist for food and money.
Corrupt local authority are indulge with tour operator in this heinous crime against the jarawas ,tourist making fun of jarawas ,they make fun of them and treat like an animal.Only 403 of jarawas community are surviving in the reserve forest of south Andaman. Its totally women exploitation they are subjected to do inhuman activities in front of tourists for entertaining them and getting in return a paltry sum of food to eat , which is not only eating into there eating habits but also destroying the food chain of which they are part of, how horrible is this. They are not tourist they are exploiters of mankind who are destroying there own first progeny.0
“What do these Tourists think, is by giving foods to the tribal people make them good in the eyes of the society and man kind , they don’t know that they are the one who are digging the graves of these people by pushing them in to the world of disease “ , these creation of the NATURE  called as “Forest”  are the engine which are running the life of Jarawa’s , please we need to left them on there own in the hands of nature to survive
I urge all the people of this world to, stop exploitation there children and women, Please let them live on their own.
Its our humble request to the government to do something soon for the survival of jarawas. Save there rights. By saving the jarawas we can save our environment , there should be limited interference of humans with them and  stop the degradation of reserve forest and environment .

“Save jarawas save the mankind “


  1. we really need to put an end to sorrows of these people , let's stop "tourist assaults" on these people of nature, very good source of information has been put into the article.

  2. Thankyou come speak, yes indeed we need to stop this, we need greater participation of people in this regard.