Thursday, 15 September 2011

Malnutritions Soil Breeds Malnutrition Humans

90% of food requirement will have to come from the soil .land is becoming diminishing resource for  agriculture,food security will depend upon the sustainable management of land resources ,conservation of prime farmlands for agriculture .National commission on farmers has emphasised the need for replacing the 1894 land acquisition law with a 21st century legislation that safeguards the interest of the farmers and farming .
A high level panel of experts set up under my chairmanship in 2010 by the UN Committee on food security has recently submitted to the CFS a report on land tenure and international investments in agriculture ,potential impact of acquisitions particularly on Africa ,on food security .It has been estimated that 50million to 80mln hectors of farmlands in developing countries has been the subject of negations by international investors in recent years Africa widely know as HOT SPOT for endemic hunger.
American farmers will for the first time harvest during 2011 more maize for ethanol production that for food or feed .In Europe about 50% repressed is likely to be used for biological production .the plant animal man food chain will need several times more land for production a calorie of meat as compared to a calorie of cereal or vegetable .

Price of rice and wheat observed in 2008 was largely due to steep increase in the price of fossil fuels
Diversion of production of farmlands for fuel production in industrial countries ,increasing consumption of meat on the part of the affluent and loss of land to roads ,houses and industries are likely to lead  acute food security .
Food security first should be the motto of the land bill ,in Brazil where such investments provide a win win situation for both food and energy security .
In 1981 member states of the FAO adopted a word soil charter ,containing a set of principles for the optimum use of land resources and for the improvement of their productivity as well as conservation
IN May 2011at a conference at the institute of advanced sustainability studies ,Potsdam ,germany , a global soil forum was formed for enhancing investment  in soil resources assessment and management .
Over 15 years ago a glogal water partnership was formed to stimulate attention and action at the national and  global levels on sustainable water security ,it was conferred .
GWP was formed to stimulate attention and action at the national regional and global levels on sustainable water security .it was conferred the status of an international organisation of a GSP to work closely with the GWP is timely .
Soil anaemia also breeds human anaemia or what we call  malnutritions soil breeds malnutrition humans, micronutrient deficiency in the soil results in micro nutrient malnutrition in people ,the critical role soil plays in food security and climate change adaptation and mitigation has to be widely understood.
,soil carbon banks represent in a sustainable and equitable manner needs a new political vision ,which can be expressed through the proposed land bill the year 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the rio earth summit and the 40th anniversary of the Stockholm conference on the human environment .

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