Thursday, 12 May 2011

"Nothing honorable in Honour Killing"

Feudal Practice of" Honour Killings " supreme court  award the death sentence to the convicted in such crimes .
all persons who are planning to perpetrate Honour Killing should know that gallows await them ,Honour killing became common in many parts particularly in Haryana, Rajasthan ,Uttar Pradesh ,there is "nothing honorable in Honour Killing"  and they are nothing but barbaric and brutual murder by bigoted person .
People feel dishounoured by the behaviour of Young Man Women who marry against their wishes ,they kill them which is wholly illegal ,if someone is not happy with their daughter or son maximun he can do is  to cut off social relation with him or her ,but he cannot take law in his own hand .in future all trial court and high court treet Honour Killing as rarest of rare case and award the death sentence .

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